Terms and Conditions

Civic Skip Bins Terms & Conditions

Civic Skip Bins hereinafter called ‘the proprietor’ hires to the hirer the bin herein described on the following terms accepted by the hirer:

1. The terms and conditions contained herein will be deemed to have been agreed to by the hirer by ordering and the use of the bin.

2. Each Skip Bin has a weight allowance that is included in the price the hirer pays. The hirer will be made aware of this allowance during the order process. Any excess weight over the allowance will be charged additionally. The hirer agrees to pay any excess weight charges incurred. Contact will be made with the hirer to arrange payment after collection and disposal of the contents of the Skip Bin. Excess weight charges will be based upon the applicable tip fees in the region.

3. Skip Bins cannot be placed on the roadside or on footpaths without a council permit. If you do not follow council regulations you may be liable for any charges incurred to move your bin from an “unpermitted” position. Please contact your local council for more information on getting a permit for a Skip Bin placed on public land.

4. Site access must be a minimum width of 3 meters

5. Skips are not to be moved from where delivered on site.

6. Skip Bin delivery and collection can occur anytime between 6am and 6pm on delivery or collection days. Civic Skip Bins will do their upmost to deliver your bin on time and date booked.

7. Late delivery does not automatically entitle anyone to cancel an order or to obtain a refund.

8.  Civic Skip Bins will provide a refund if your cancelation is received no less than 48 hours of scheduled delivery.

9. The skip bin remains the property of Civic Skip Bins at all times.  You agree that a company representative may at any time enter your property to uplift the skip bin.

10. The hirer undertakes not to overload the Skip Bin. Skip Bins are not to be loaded any higher than the sides of the Skip Bin and are to be filled in such a manner as to prevent contents from falling from the bin during removal or while in transit.

11. The bin will not be used for any other purpose than for waste materials excluding: tyres, polystyrene, electronic waste, TV’s, monitors, fridges, microwaves, asbestos, dangerous or hazardous waste including but not limited to flammable or explosive products, car batteries, gas bottles, liquids, paints, or any other items deemed by the proprietor to be hazardous or unable to be disposed of at landfill.  Please contact us for advice or assistance for removal of prohibited contents listed above.

12. Cleanfill is defined as concrete, rocks, bricks, asphalt, clay, sand, dirt and ceramic tiles. No other waste can be placed in a cleanfill Skip Bin. General waste and weight fees will apply to mixed waste bins.

13. The hirer will observe and comply with all statutes, regulations and requirements governing the use of a Skip Bin.

14. The hirer will pay to the proprietor:

  • The Skip Bin hire charges as agreed at time of hire, prior to delivery of Skip Bin.
  • Any excess weight charges incurred.
  • Any charges for extra days.
  • Any charges incurred for movement of Skip Bin from an ‘unpermitted’ location.
  • Any costs incurred in collecting unpaid charges will be borne by the hirer.

15. The hirer absolves the proprietor of any damages arising from any incidents involving the Skip Bin while in their possession.